We are nolii

Our mission is to create lifestyle-led tech accessories to keep you agile. We’re inspired by the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that defines London and today’s fast-paced, nomadic lifestyles. We build beautiful, highly-functional products that solve everyday tech challenges for people like you, who depend on their tech.

The modern nomads

We design products for modern nomads, who need to stay connected, wherever they are. Whether you’re travelling the world or working from a local cafe, you don’t have time to deal with everyday tech challenges, like low batteries, tangled cables, or elusive power outlets. You’d rather be engaged with what’s important to you. We help you do that.

Do more. Be more.

We make your relationship with technology – and the people you connect with – effortless. Our intelligent ecosystem of tech accessories gives you the freedom to do more with your devices, so you can be more focused on the important things in life.

Feeling frustrated?

Our creative team, led by Benjamin Hubert at LAYER, began their ten-month design journey by speaking to people like you about their daily frustrations with tech. They asked (a lot) of questions, and found that most people faced the same challenges. Our designers investigated the products you’re using now. Then asked, how can we make things better?

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Through sketch sprints and prototyping, our creative team explored new ways to combine functionality, simplify form, and improve robustness. Every element was examined, developed, re-examined, and refined – an attention to detail that extends to every aspect of nolii, from our sustainable packaging to our customer service.

Inner-city inspiration

Our products are created to challenge conventional tech styling, with high performance functionality integrated seamlessly into essential, minimal forms. We use materials inspired by the urban landscape to create products that reflect your lifestyle.

People Power

Our team is based in East London, the heart of the city’s tech scene. Brought together by a shared frustration with the daily tech challenges we encounter and a desire to do something about them, our entrepreneurial spirit is dedicated to supporting the people who use our products.

Benjamin Hubert

Founder, LAYER & Creative Director, nolii

“We see an exciting opportunity to disrupt the tech accessories market with products that solve the tech problems that we encounter daily. This system of accessories has been designed to reduce the stress of worrying about tech troubles and enable you to do the things that are important to you.”

Asad Hamir

Founder, nolii

“We felt there wasn’t anything on the market that we connected with that had both smart, intuitive functionality and a lifestyle-driven design language. With nolii, we combined industrial design ingenuity with tech innovation to solve real life problems for people who rely on their tech to succeed.”

Giving back

As a socially-engaged company, we are launching a collaborative project in East Africa in 2018 with a focus on empowering people by enabling connection. More details will be announced soon. Sign up to our newsletter below to stay updated.