Do more.  Be more.
Exploring with less on-the-move
Be more.
Agile Organised Social

We are nolii.

We create lifestyle-led tech to keep you agile. Our adaptable products give you the freedom to do more with your devices, so you can be more focused on the important things in life.

Our STORii

Elevate the everyday

From chaotic cords and broken cables to limited charging solutions, our lives are too often interrupted by everyday tech challenges. We believe technology should improve your life not complicate it.

Never run on empty
Our products are designed to keep up with people like you, who are always on the move. Wherever you are, we’ll make your relationship with technology – and the people you connect with – effortless.


As versatile as you are.

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Take a power trip.

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Power in your pocket.

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Unplug and take charge.

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No more messing around.

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